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Investigating the Efficacy of the 8 Week The Minded Institute Course in the Treatment of Anxiety and Mild Depression

We investigated the effects of the 8 week The Minded Institute course on anxiety and mild depression. Whilst these were the measures of interest we also looked at the effects of the course on individuals ratings of well-being, resilience and mindfulness.

This study was run as a randomized waitlist control study to enable us to determine the effects in a group that participated in the 8 week TMI course in comparison to a group that did not (the waitlist group). The waitlist group later participated in the 8 week TMI course once the 8 week wait period ended. Measures were taken (1) before the first group-begain the course, (2) after the first group finished the course and the waitlist group ended their waitlist period, (3) after the waitlist group finished the course (measures in the waitlist only group were taken at this stage). We are in the process of analysing the waitlist data, but early indications support the view that the 8 week TMI course can bring about meaningful improvements in individuals with anxiety and mild depression as well as increasing feelings of well-being, resilience and mindfulness.

Does MEDyoga Improve Measure of Well-Being and Resiliency in Medical Students?

This basic study will begin in January 2012 using psychological measures of well-being and anxiety to determine how our MEDyoga program impacts student mental health.

Neuro-Physio Effects of an 8 Week Ujjayi Intervention

Upon completion of the above two research projects we intend to look at the effects on the brain and the mechanism underlying ujjayi breath practice. Ujjayi breath is a specific type of breathing used across many yoga disciplines and is a major component of the TMI approach due to its capacity to quickly bring calm to the body and mind. Using brain imaging we will look for (1) structural changes that may occur after a period of daily ujjayi breath practise and (2) use the imaging data to establish the mechanism underlying the practise.

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The Minded Institute :: at the cutting edge of mental health
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