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Why do Research?

The Minded Institute is actively involved in the global Yoga Therapy research field, not only do we keep a close eye on what’s currently being researched to enable us to be constantly informing the work that we do but we also produce our own research, directly contributing to the provision of insight into why and how Yoga Therapy can help people with particular needs. As well as quantifying what we do, we are also interested in the individual experiences of our clients and students allowing us to understand the qualitative aspects of working with Yoga Therapy.

We committed to research for three reasons.

  1. The Minded Institute is committed to making yoga and mindfulness interventions as accessible to as many individuals as possible and to enable us to do that we need to provide evidence based data that allows mainstream medical practitioners to understand how mind-body practices work and how they can be of benefit. Only then can we hope that these kinds of interventions can be made widely accessible.
  2. We believe that it is important to test any and all of our interventions. Day after day we see individuals who change their lives as a result of the practices we offer, however, we feel it is important to actually measure change remaining assured that we have both subjective and objective insight into the efficacy of our work.
  3. Although we believe that mind-body traditions possess deep and timeless wisdom, we also believe that science can help to inform these traditions, providing us with a direction as to how to best apply these traditions with different groups of people suffering from various mental health problems. For example if we know that a person with a certain mental health issue is likely to have certain psychological and neurological challenges and we know that a certain yoga or mindfulness practices support neurological and psychological changes that would be helpful for this person we can prescribe them with greater confidence. Additionally, we heed the recommendations of the traditions from which these practices arise.
The Minded Institute :: at the cutting edge of mental health

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The further the spiritual evolution of mankind advances, the more certain it seems to me that the path to genuine religiosity does not lie through the fear of life, and the fear of death, and blind faith, but through striving after rational knowledge
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The Minded Institute :: at the cutting edge of mental health
The Minded Institute
The Minded Institute
The Minded Institute
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