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Next Training: Dec 2015-May 2017

  • December 3rd-6th 2015
  • January 28th - 31st 2016
  • March 10th-13th 2016
  • April 21st-24th 2016
  • May 26th-29th 2016
  • July 7th-10th 2016
  • September 8th-11th 2016
  • October 20th-23rd 2016
  • December 8th-11th 2016
  • January 19th-22nd 2017
  • February 23rd-26th 2017
  • March 30th-2nd April 2017
  • May 11th-14th 2017

Upcoming Training: 2017-2018

  • March 17th-20th 2017
  • May 4th-7th 2017
  • June 15th-18th 2017
  • September 7th-10th 2017
  • October 12th-15th 2017
  • November 30th-3rd December 2017
  • January 11th-14th 2018
  • February 22nd-25th 2018
  • April 5th-8th 2018
  • May 17th-20th 2018
  • June 28th-jul 1st 2018
  • September 6th-9th 2018
  • October 18th-21st 2018
  • December 6th-9th 2018

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Studying at The Minded Institute with Heather Mason has simply changed the way I teach yoga. Before I began the course I was aware of the eight limbs of yoga and the personal benefits of mindfulness and breath work within each class for my clients. Having completed the course I feel able to integrate mindfulness and breath work much more effectively into each class I teach. This course provides a thorough grounding in the science behind the yoga enabling each The Minded Institute practitioner to apply what they have learnt effectively and safely to their own clients. I cannot recommend this course enough."
Kay Locke
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