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The Minded Institute CD

A Yoga therapy and Mindfulness CD to support daily practice

This CD set guides you through 8 different mind-body practices that help to reduce stress, increase focus, and decrease negative thinking. On the CD you will find breath practices for regulating the nervous system, chanting to enhance lung capacity, guided relaxation, mindfulness meditation practices, and loving kindness meditation. For best results it is recommended that you follow one practice a week for 2 months.

£13 (incl. Tax)

Reconnecting with your Body


Reconnecting with your Body is a set of fun and simple guided body awareness exercises for teenagers and adults. Combining practices from the ancient traditions of Mindfulness and Yoga, with insights from modern neuroscience, this comprehensive program provides a gentle and graded approach to developing body awareness, self-acceptance and emotional wellbeing. The programme is designed and guided by Sam Bottrill, a Clinical Psychologist specializing in the treatment of Eating Disorders and a qualified Yoga Therapist for Mental Health.

  1. Letting go of Tension
  2. How the Body Moves
  3. Yoga Nidra
  4. Becoming Aware of Sensations
  5. Reintegrating the Body
  6. Breathing Through the Body
  7. Developing Kind Awareness
£15 (incl. Tax)
How Yoga can Change Your Brain
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The Minded Institute
The Minded Institute
The Minded Institute
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