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Heather Mason with Dr. Patricia Gerbarg and Dr. Richard Brown

Heather Mason with Dr. Patricia Gerbarg and Dr. Richard Brown
presenting at the
167th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association
2-7 May, 2014 in New York

Heather Mason will be joining chairpersons Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Patricia Gerbarg as a speaker on Sunday 4th May from 12:30-2. The workshop is part of the ‘Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine in Psychiatry Track’ is entitled: Mind/Body Practices for Trainees: Reducing Stress, Enhancing Empathy, and Treating Patients Integratively.

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Evidence-Based Breath~Body~Mind Techniques

Evidence-Based Breath~Body~Mind Techniques
for Personal Transformation, Stress-Resilience, and Wellbeing
Dr. Richard Brown & Dr. Pat Gerbarg
June 23-27, 2014
at The Cape Cod Institute
National Seashore at the Nauset School, 100 Cable Road, Eastham, MA

Turning on the body's innate healing systems is the most effective, sustainable approach to mental and physical health. Through scientific study, specific mind-body techniques are being developed to rapidly and safely relieve emotional distress, psychiatric disorders, physical illnesses, and pain, and to enhance emotion regulation, interpersonal relationships, and performance in school, work, athletics, and the arts.

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Breath~Body~Mind™ Teacher Training

Breath~Body~Mind™ Teacher Training
July 27 - Aug 1, 2014
with Dr. Richard P. Brown, Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, Heather Mason & Joy Bennett
at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, MA

This is a 6-day certificate-training program with CEUs is for yoga teachers, therapists, health care providers, and disaster relief workers, led by Dr. Richard Brown, Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, Heather Mason (The Minded Institute), and Joy Bennett (Joyful Breath Yoga Therapy). Learn how to incorporate healing techniques into your personal practice and therapeutic work, and how to practice and teach trauma-sensitive movement, breathing, and meditation. Watch for listing/registration on

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Breath~Body~Mind™ Workshop

Breath~Body~Mind™ Workshop
In-Person and Online Webinar
for Stress Reduction and Transformation
with Richard P. Brown, MD & Patricia Gerbarg, MD
August 16th 9 am – 5 pm & August 17th  9 am – 4 pm, 2014
Fellowships of the Spirit, 282 Dale Drive, Cassadaga, NY 14718

Based on their extensive research, Dr. Brown and Dr. Gerbarg combine the most rapidly effective breathing techniques to relieve stress and improve mood, mental focus, heart and lung function, and endurance. The benefits have been enjoyed by physicians, health care practitioners, Buddhist monks and nuns, yoga teachers, military veterans, first responders, individuals with psychiatric (eg. anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD) and medical conditions, and victims of abuse, terrorism, war and natural disasters, including the Asian tsunami, Sept 11, 2001 WTC attacks, Haiti earthquake, Rwanda genocide, South Sudan war and slavery, and Gulf oil spill. Dr. Brown leads participants through a unique sequence of movement, breathing, and relaxation/meditation techniques to:

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I know it's early days, but things are opening up to me in a way I never thought possible. I can't be the first person to effusively describe the effect The Minded Institute has had on them. But it is such a big deal it makes me want to laugh and cry the whole time. I feel more in touch with myself than I ever have, work is going well because I have enough peace of mind to do it - I actually hit my first deadline ever for a script because the yoga stopped me freaking out and gave me objectivity. It's like a big spiritual, physical and mental reset button. I feel calmer, sleep better, have calmed down, I wake earlier, I feel healthier... I hoped life could be like this, and I think it can be…I just feel like... myself.
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