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Upcoming CPD courses from The Minded Institute

While full details will follow, if you're looking ahead to 2014 thinking you want to learn more, you might be interested in some of these upcoming courses, incorporating mind-body practices and neuroscientific principles:

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Yoga Therapy and Anxiety

Yoga Therapy and Anxiety
A 5-day Professional Development training
with Heather Mason and Veena Ugargol
London ~ 29th October to 2 November 2014 ~ 10am – 5pm Daily

Anxiety is a normal part of everyday life, however, more and more people are experiencing problems with their mental health as a result of anxiety spiraling out of control. This not only reduces quality of life, but is also a major risk factor in chronic disease. Although current treatments for anxiety can be successful, statistics reveal that on average at least half of people seeking help for anxiety disorders are still suffering.   Mind-body approaches are often the most effective as they work conjointly with the psychology and physiology. Yoga therapy is fast becoming one of the most popular and efficacious complementary treatments for anxiety reduction

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Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders

The Minded Institute with experts Dr. Sam Bottrill + Piriamvada present:
Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders
A 4-day Professional Development Course
London ~ 27 - 30 November ~ 10am-5pm Daily
Open to yoga teachers, yoga therapists and mental health practitioners

There is a growing interest in, and mounting evidence for, the use of yoga and other mindfulness based approaches in recovery from Eating Disorders.  Many US residential programs now feature yoga classes as a part of their therapy program and this is gradually beginning to catch on in the UK too.  Geared towards yoga teachers and mental health professionals, this training will enable you to use yoga therapeutically with people recovering from Eating Disorders.

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Healing Space: Yoga for People Living with Cancer

Healing Space: Yoga for People Living with Cancer

A Professional Development Course with

Jude Murray & Heather Mason

 20 - 22 February + 20-22 March 2015 in London

Open to qualified yoga teachers - This is a 90 hours post-qualifying course recognized by the Independent Yoga Network.

Yoga research for cancer is now the fastest growing field, as yoga can substantially improve the quality of life of people with cancer and recovering from cancer.  Yoga for cancer is currently being explored in depth in various hospitals and MD Anderson, considered the world's premiere cancer hospital, has a multitude of programs and is conducting regular research.

Join us for this in depth, experiential and heart-led training course aimed at qualified yoga teachers who wish to work with people living with cancer and other long term or life-limiting illness. Yoga helps people to feel better in mind, body and spirit. This practice has helped many people through illness and injury to stay calm and balanced through times of crisis and stress.  While not a cure for cancer, yoga can help calm the body and mind and help cope with diagnosis and treatment. It can also help to alleviate symptoms and side effects such as tiredness, pain, nausea, sleep problems and depression. Post-treatment, yoga can be a gentle way to help you stay physically active, to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, to help keep you calm and centered and help reconnect with the body.

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I know it's early days, but things are opening up to me in a way I never thought possible. I can't be the first person to effusively describe the effect The Minded Institute has had on them. But it is such a big deal it makes me want to laugh and cry the whole time. I feel more in touch with myself than I ever have, work is going well because I have enough peace of mind to do it - I actually hit my first deadline ever for a script because the yoga stopped me freaking out and gave me objectivity. It's like a big spiritual, physical and mental reset button. I feel calmer, sleep better, have calmed down, I wake earlier, I feel healthier... I hoped life could be like this, and I think it can be…I just feel like... myself.
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