Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders

The Minded Institute with experts Dr. Sam Bottrill + Piriamvada present:
Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders
A 4-day Professional Development Course
London ~ 27 - 30 November ~ 10am-5pm Daily
Open to yoga teachers, yoga therapists and mental health practitioners

There is a growing interest in, and mounting evidence for, the use of yoga and other mindfulness based approaches in recovery from Eating Disorders.  Many US residential programs now feature yoga classes as a part of their therapy program and this is gradually beginning to catch on in the UK too.  Geared towards yoga teachers and mental health professionals, this training will enable you to use yoga therapeutically with people recovering from Eating Disorders.

Join this expert staff to learn about the following:

  • Eating Disorder diagnoses, prevalence, course, and outcomes.
  • Theories of causation and maintenance as well as a brief overview of different treatments.
  • Theoretical rationale for how yogic and mindfulness-based approaches support recovery.
  • The latest scientific research supporting the use of yogic and mindfulness-based approaches in treating Eating Disorders, which will enable you to more effectively liaise with hospitals, and the NHS.
  • The role of embodied self-awareness in recovery from Eating Disorders and wellbeing in general.
  • The potential role of yoga philosophy and the yogic lifestyle in recovery from Eating Disorders.

This course will help you expand your capacity in working with clients + patients recovering from Eating Disorders!

Qualified yoga teachers will be prepared to teach yoga sessions and classes specific for individuals recovering from Eating Disorders, as well as incorporate practices learnt into ‘mainstream’ classes.

Mental health practitioners and therapists will be prepared to integrate skills and tools into existing practices.

Please note: This course does not qualify yoga teachers to be yoga therapists, or mental health practitioners and therapists to be yoga teachers.


COST*:                      Early Bird (book by 12 September):          275 pounds

                                 Regular (from 13 September):                  300 pounds  

LOCATION:                 Diorama Arts Studios, London (Near Euston Station)

DATE:                        27 – 30 November 2014

TIME:                         10AM-5PM daily



Dr Sam Bottrill is a qualified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance accredited), Yoga Therapist for Mental Health and Senior Clinical Psychologist specialising in Eating Disorders.  She lectures and supervises on the Minded Institute professional training and runs Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8-week courses in North and Central London.

Sam trained as a clinical psychologist at University College London in 2005 and now works at the world-renowned Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Service at the Maudsley Hospital.  Inspired by her own experience of the benefits of yoga to mental wellbeing and a growing awareness of the inextricable link between mind and body, she completed her initial teacher training with Yogi Vishvektu at the Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh (India) at the beginning of 2010.  She went on to train with Heather Mason in order to specialise in Yoga Therapy for Mental Health and now teaches Minded Institute inspired yoga and mindfulness to teenagers with Eating Disorders within the NHS.  Her specialist academic interest is the role of yoga and mindfulness practices within the treatment of Eating Disorders.

Piriamvada (Ali) is a yoga teacher and trainer who has been practising yoga for 12 years.  She completed her 200hr training with Yogi Vashista in Kerala and went on to study advanced teacher training (500hr) with Yogrishi Vishvketu of the World Conscious Yoga Family in the 'yoga capital' of Rishikesh. She is now a teacher trainer for 'vishvaji's' Akhanda yoga in the UK.

Through personal experience of how yogic practice, lifestyle and philosophy can positively impact self-perceptions and behaviour, Piriamvada felt a calling to work with yoga and eating disorders. She currently teaches yoga as a volunteer for the charity MIND and recently came full circle, returning to Kerala to study holistic, yoga therapy and deepen her understanding of yoga for mental health.

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I know it's early days, but things are opening up to me in a way I never thought possible. I can't be the first person to effusively describe the effect The Minded Institute has had on them. But it is such a big deal it makes me want to laugh and cry the whole time. I feel more in touch with myself than I ever have, work is going well because I have enough peace of mind to do it - I actually hit my first deadline ever for a script because the yoga stopped me freaking out and gave me objectivity. It's like a big spiritual, physical and mental reset button. I feel calmer, sleep better, have calmed down, I wake earlier, I feel healthier... I hoped life could be like this, and I think it can be…I just feel like... myself.
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