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Yoga Therapy Professional Training for Insomnia

DATE: 31st March-3rd April 2016, Central London
COST: £400 (concessions available)
LOCATION: Diorama Arts Studio, 201 Drummond Street, near Euston Station
TIMES: 10am-5pm, daily

Struggling to fall asleep, waking in the middle of the night, and sleeping without feeling rested may leave you, or many of your yoga students and therapy clients, feeling exhausted, desperate, and frazzled. Poor sleep has severe consequences for mental and physical health. The Minded Institute, in collaboration with Europe's leading yoga for insomnia expert, Lisa Sanfilippo, offers this groundbreaking step-by-step yoga therapy approach to overcoming insomnia and resting better.

Based in a practical and decade-long tested approach combining yoga, psychology, and neuroscience, this training is for all yoga teachers, teacher trainees, psychological therapists, and health professionals who wish to offer simple and well-evidenced practices to their students and clients to overcome insomnia and sleep better.
You will be equipped to teach workshops and multi-week courses and to offer private sessions focused on insomnia and better sleep. These skills are in high demand and are often a gateway for your students or clients to make lasting personal change, addressing deeper dimensions of physical and mental health in a way that is safe, practical, and focused on creating positive habits.

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I know it's early days, but things are opening up to me in a way I never thought possible. I can't be the first person to effusively describe the effect The Minded Institute has had on them. But it is such a big deal it makes me want to laugh and cry the whole time. I feel more in touch with myself than I ever have, work is going well because I have enough peace of mind to do it - I actually hit my first deadline ever for a script because the yoga stopped me freaking out and gave me objectivity. It's like a big spiritual, physical and mental reset button. I feel calmer, sleep better, have calmed down, I wake earlier, I feel healthier... I hoped life could be like this, and I think it can be…I just feel like... myself.
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