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Mission Statement

The Minded Institute is dedicated to revolutionizing the perception and treatment of mental health. Through research, development, implementation and dissemination of mind-body techniques and programs, we bring forth innovation and share it with others.

Our core values include:

Compassion: We believe that altruism and kindness are necessary forces in guiding action. We teach compassion towards self as a starting point from which to exercise compassion towards others. Through understanding our own difficulties and challenges we are empowered to consciously support social well-being.

Community: We value collaboration and work with various institutions and leaders in the field of mind-body medicine on research and various programs. Partnerships allow us to learn and to reach a wider range of people. We support other institutions that work towards the betterment of others and honor the good deeds and insights of other human beings.

Awareness: We believe that awareness is essential in working effectively with the self and with other individuals. To know oneself helps us to know others better. All those who undertake professional training with us, or work with us are encouraged to engage in self-inquiry and contemplative practice. Likewise, our programs promote awareness as a gentle means of personal transformation and discovery.

Education: We believe that knowledge is vital to growth. As an institution we are meticulous in remaining up to date with advances in the field of mind-body therapy, constantly translating new research into practice. Further, we are deeply devoted to educating others, creating resources for clients and professionals, hosting events and sponsoring conferences in the field.

Innovation: We are committed to developing new and effective methods of working with mental health. We believe well-being is a lifetime process that takes time and energy. However, through the interface of science and spirituality it is possible to create modes of healing that are more efficient in minimizing suffering. We are open to a vast range of modalities, and synergies between modalities, that may provide unique and powerful insight into emotional healing.

The Minded Institute

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Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all
There are two ways of spreading light - to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
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