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The Minded Institute is a leader in the development and implementation of yoga therapy and mindfulness programs for mental health. Founded by Heather Mason, The Minded Institute grew out of her own experiences in working with depression and anxiety. After years of personal yoga and meditation practice, along with academic study in Buddhist Psychology/Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness she decided to devote her time to the creation of programs that target the psychological and physiological challenges inherent in mental health issues. Minded Yoga Therapy programs are inspired by yoga, mindfulness, neuroscientific understanding, and psychotherapeutic principles to effectively blend ancient mind-body practices with modern scientific insight. We offer evidence-based courses for stress, depression and anxiety, private sessions for post-traumatic-stress-disorder and a host of additional conditions, onsite and online classes, extensive professional trainings, workshops, and lectures. Further, we conduct research, helping us assess what is effective and why, and informing our treatment and training programs.

The Minded Institute is devoted to helping people restore their psychological health, while remaining active in training the public and professionals about the power of mind-body practices. We endeavour to unite and grow a community committed to mind-body wellness. Our initiatives continue to grow at a rapid pace, highlighting the real revolution afoot in mental health care. For example, we are now working with Boston University School of Medicine in developing and delivering a program for medical students called Embodied Health. Embodied Health aspires to help medical students relieve the stress of intense course loads and provides experiential and academic training on how yoga and mindfulness promote physiological and neurological change. We believe that modern medicine and mind-body practice have much to offer each other and should walk hand in hand.

We are committed to research and innovation, growth and awareness, education and healing. Our greatest hope is that through a combination of compassionate purpose and determination we can continue to provide increasingly effective ways of helping those who are suffering from mental health difficulties and teach others to do the same. We invite you to join us in our work and in our vision. Please look around our website for information on how to join our online courses, attend our 8-week course for stress, depression and anxiety, access tips for improving your mental health in your own way and in your own time, as well as information about our professional training programs, events and conferences.

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I know it's early days, but things are opening up to me in a way I never thought possible. I can't be the first person to effusively describe the effect The Minded Institute has had on them. But it is such a big deal it makes me want to laugh and cry the whole time. I feel more in touch with myself than I ever have, work is going well because I have enough peace of mind to do it - I actually hit my first deadline ever for a script because the yoga stopped me freaking out and gave me objectivity. It's like a big spiritual, physical and mental reset button. I feel calmer, sleep better, have calmed down, I wake earlier, I feel healthier... I hoped life could be like this, and I think it can be…I just feel like... myself.
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